The Founder

Aiesha Robinson, the 26 year old from West Island, is now the prime example of rising above adversity; turning a negative into a positive. At the age of 18 – Robinson was diagnosed with a skin disease titled ‘vitiligo.’ Already having difficulties finding her true identity, – losing her pigment seemed to have complicated things even more. However; Robinson was able to overcome her depressive state and continue living her life in a positive manner. Through her hardships, she’s become the founder of a non profit organization called ‘Born To Rise’ where she strives to help other individuals overcome any obstacle they may be going through. Robinson is also a spokesperson spreading awareness about vitiligo, the skin disease that changed her life forever.

Since the launch of Born To Rise, Robinson has been a guest speaker in various schools, been a guest on CJAD radio, Breakfast Television, Community Contact, and CKUT radio. She was also awarded the Paul Frappier Youth Leadership Award by Montreal Community Cares in 2015.