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Aiesha’s message about strength, perseverance and dealing with adversity was delivered beautifully. Students were captivated by her powerful message and able to relate her struggles with their own. Fantastic work Aiesha, keep it up!

Vincent Massey Collegiate

“Aiesha’s story, her life, is a true inspiration, and by allowing us to see into her head and heart, she connected with the audience in a way I have never seen before. She was real, she was vulnerable, and she captivated us, with not only her story of what’s its like to live her life on a daily basis, but also how she has overcome and continues to overcome the differences that make her unique and incredible.”

Jaime Guy


The Grade 5 and 6 Priory students recently discovered that Aiesha Robinson is very much like them. Although she is taller and a little older – a young adult, Aiesha enjoys the company of her friends, basketball and the same type of music as they do. However there is something that sets her apart from the others. Aiesha has vitiligo, a condition that causes depigmentation of the skin. The Priory welcomed Aiesha to speak publicly to a large group for the very first time in her life. She spoke openly of her feelings and experiences and how vitiligo has affected her life since first discovering she had this condition as a teenager. She captured everyone’s attention as she spoke of the hurtful words she endured and consequently her withdrawal from a “normal” life. Aiesha attributes her acceptance of who she is and her desire to educate others in accepting themselves and others for who they are, to her good friends and family who have always been by her side. Aeisha spoke from her heart, and was ‘real’ to the students. Because of this, teachers did not have to run a debriefing session, as the students discussed what they had heard on their own accord. Aeisha Robinson came to The Priory to help our students understand her condition and how to relate to people who may seem different. She succeeded, and our students left the room with a true sense of what empathy means, and undoubtedly, better equipped for the bigger world that awaits them outside The Priory’s doors. At the end of the conversation, one Grade 5 student lingered back and summed it up eloquently: “You are beautiful, Aiesha!”

The Priory School

“Aiesha’s message was very positive. The students were engaged; her presentation was seamless. It was awesome. I highly recommend it for any class, for any age, I think her message is worth hearing.”

Horizon High School
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