Logo & Name Significance




The Name ‘Born To Rise,’ speaks for itself. “You were Born To Rise – Not born to fail.’ It implies that you and everyone else were born with reasoning – a purpose in life. You must not let any unfortunate situation keep you from shining. Instead you RISE above every adversity that comes your way to reach your light. Nothing can, and nothing will stop you from being the best versions of yourself – as you were destined to RISE & SHINE.


The logo mimics the center pattern of a sea turtle’s shell, an animal that shows a great deal of strength and perseverance as well as the circles representing a past, present and future. Once a sea turtle is hatched its difficult and most times short lived life begins. The hatchlings must face numerous obstacles and predators all while learning how to walk and swim without the help of their mother. Only one out of hundreds of sea turtles will survive this difficult journey and begin their life in the ocean. The founder Aiesha Robinson represents that one percent.