Born To Rise

Born To Rise (BTR) is a non profit organization  with objectives to explore and bring awareness to topics such as vitiligo, self acceptance, acceptance of others,anti-bullying as well as other relevant issues. Founder, Aiesha Robinson spreads her message in schools, boys & girls clubs, and camps through the accounts of her personal struggle and acceptance of living with vitiligo. Furthermore, she strives to promote an important dialogue to support the empowerment of youth. With the help of generous contributors, BTR will reach a diverse audience dealing with relatable issues. The goal is to help the masses RISE against all odds and empower themselves.

There is an annual show bringing the community together for a night of inspiration. People will get to empathize with one another as they listen to the stories of individuals overcoming their own personal struggles. With this, we hope that everyone leaves the evening more motivated and inspired for a better life.